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  • Lifetime access to Closers Room sales training course.
  • Invite to Colby's weekly live calls that he'll host on ZOOM.
  • Recordings of all the weekly calls, so you never miss any of the valuable training.
  • For the first 5 people that sign up, you get a one-time, private 30-minute call w/ Colby
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I did it again. I pulled out my pocket book and wrote a BIG FAT CHECK so that you can get access to an expert without having to pay their enormous fees.

I paid Mia Francis to put on a Social Media bootcamp, I paid Jonathan Montoya to teach you how to dominate YouTube and I paid Rick Silva to deliver an exclusive training on generating a steady stream of referrals.

Those were awesome... but they were one-time events.
This is different. 
Now you get weekly access to a world-renowned sales trainer that's going to be live on a ZOOM call every Wednesday to help you overcome YOUR problems, close YOUR clients, and answer YOUR questions!

If you wanted to work with Colby Amerine, you'd have to pay $6,000 for one-to-one access. That's not a joke or a typo... six thousand dollars.

Colby doesn't need the money I paid him to train you, but I have a GREAT relationship with him and in the middle of us having a regular check-in call he told me...
We negotiated rates, and I sent him a check.
Oh, and I also negotiated to have access to his famous Closers Room training video series that he made years ago. A lot of really freaking big names have taken this course and they swear by it...

...and it's available to you today...for free...

I told Colby my offer for you to join his weekly calls and he thinks I'm crazy. I'm hoping it's just crazy enough for you to jump in and join us!
"Colby's the MAN!!! Fixed my opening call set up and the next "not broke" lead bought just like he said he would from the opening. Conditional Close - "if you like it and we are a good fit will you pull the trigger today". BAM!" - Will Kautz


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